Cannot Connect to MyCloudHome

I have no words to express my feelings about WD. I thought that the only problem was the lack of firmware updates: I am annoyed with this thing, but now the situation is actually worse than ever.
How could we get our money back? I think that most of us have expired warranty, me too, but we can’t tolerate anymore all these issues.
WD, take back your crappy cloud system and give us back our money!!!

Hola Scott
Eso significa que todos los datos que tenemos en la nube los hemos perdido?
Como puedo tener acceso a ellos?

Como posso fazer isso?

I would like to know if WD can solve this issue. If the cannot, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Ni idea. Los datos estaran fisicamente en el/los disco(s) duro(s), por lo que, en último caso, se pueden retirar e accederse desde um ordenador. El problema es que podrán estar encriptados. Esto se aplicaría solamente a los datos accedidos desde la app/web. Los datos que estén en carpeta compartida Público, estarán salvos

Same problem here in the Netherlands. I also asked WD a couple of weeks ago to update the Plex server, without any success. Bad company, bad technical service.

Alguien ha podido hablar con el soporte técnico para ver el problema y la solución, yo lo estoy intentando pero no hay manera

Gracias Rubenmb, si, pone corte, esperemos que lo solucionen

I have the same issue but fortunately I’ve checked the WD community for the first thing before I take further action. For your information, I am able to accessto my public folder in the device which is at least something for me. If you think that this might also work for you, you should be able to know your IP Address (by checking your router and finding the name "MyCloud-xxxx).

So then you can query that folder; e.g. \\Public

Lo siento, no entiendo mucho de informatica.
Si me lo puede indicar paso a paso, se lo agradezco

@gonzalezcanovasfranc, please ask someone around you about finding IP address. It might be almost impossible to guide you through if I start to explain here.

Just an idea; [How to Scan IP addresses on a Local Network](How to Scan Local Networks for IP Addresses (Free + Paid Tools))

ya se cual es mi ip. Gracias.
Pero ahora que hago con ella, jeje

Yeah, starting to realize I should’ve gone with sinology. Good thing I can always reuse the HDD on a new NAS. I hope the HDD won’t expire :smiley:

would help if there was at least some sort of ETA for a fix or workaround, but just radio silence shows its time to return this paperweight and find a solution with a tech support that can actually communicate and fix issues in a reasonable timeframe

There were warnings about this recently, but I didn’t think I owned anything that would be affected because I keep my devices updated.

I saw that warning too, on the article I linked earlier. I was curious to see it blowing up, but never, and I mean never thought it would be a device I bought 6 months ago

I’m in Hong Kong and I cannot access my cloudhome for almost 12 hours. Really bad. I need files in the device for preparing stuff for applying school for my child. What can I do? So disappointed.

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Had the device a month and been nothing but trouble, Will WD give us a refund? Will we be able to access our files any time soon? I think the answer to both is the same

How would you transfer the files from the MyCloud to a new NAS? I’m probably going to do this from the moment this is solved