Cannot Connect to MyCloudHome

when its up and available just copy the files to the new location

Still my WD is offline and cannot access my working files and having serious problems with my customers :frowning:

WD team please solve this issue urgently or provide us with a solution to access our data offline, and of course we need a compensation regarding that.

I cannot believe the certificate expired issue from such a great company as WD!!

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Alguien sabe si conectando directamente el WD a un portátil se puede acceder a los datos?
Ya sea a través de cable de red o de USB

I unplugged, plugged again and after about 5-10 minutes it works as usual.

I hope it means it’s fixed for everyone

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I can’t test it now, can everyone see if it’s trully solved?

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mine still offline

mine works


Congrats to WD on fast resolving. My trust in their software department though… Gone.

PS: mine still offline after power cycling though…


Mine on Mexico is working again… For now…

Mine from Spain works again… it has been a nightmare!!!

And guess what, mine was also offline and came back online right now but i have lost all my data…
WHAT THE ■■■■/…

@WD_Admin How can I have my files back? how did this happened?

Still not working!

It looks like we all should be up and running! I received an email from WD that they did an update on their end plus their website noted the same.

I just went into MyCloudHome and it works now! All my data was still there. What a relief!

One suggestion to everyone if you are able to….do a backup of your data on an external hard drive. I do that but not as often as I should. This will change now as I will do my backup more frequently.

Take care everyone!

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Ok mine is also back to working order.
This should teach WD that they should implement this in a way that their customers could at least reach their files over local network in case there’s another outage. What will happen to our stuff if WD disappears?

If you did a hard reset while it was off you lost it all unfortunately

Fixed here. 1 day outage is unacceptable by today’s standards

My CloudHome is still not working. Power on and off does not work, and any other suggestion is leading to reset the device, which I don’t want to do due to the warning message of loosing the CloudHome data. Besides, power on and off, any other technique has help you to get back the device online?

Dear Mamdough, where can you check the certificate expiration date?