Cannot Access PUBLIC Folders

I’ve been working (successfully) with a MBL for about 18 months which is shared by a handful of Windows 7 machines.  

I have a few private shares, but my pictures and videos are in the Public share that exists by default.   I use the “Shared Pictures” folder on the Public share so I could access the pix from my DVR/Internet TV device.

I just puchased a MacBook Pro running OS 10.9 (Mavericks) for my wife to do photo-editing.   Using the Mac, I found the MBL on the network using “Go” in the Finder, and connecting to it as a server.

I was able to connect to the Private shares (Yes, the Private ones).   Also, I was able to connect to the Public share, however I’m not able to access the “Shared Pictures” or “Shared Videos” folders within the Public Share.   I can these folders but, when attempt to open either of them I get:

          "The folder ‘Shared Pictures (or Videos)’ can’t be opened

           because you don’t have permission to see its contents."

 I’ve scoured the boards and was only able to find 1 post, but I’m unable to duplicate this process.   (

Can anyone help?    

What do you mean you can’t replicate the process? Where are you at?


I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution? 

I am running Mavericks and never had this issue from Windows. Even new folders on the public share that I create, I cannot have access to, and yet I can access all my private shares. 

Any solutinns?

On the subject of the above link that is basically not a solution as it only maps the drive, that has not solved my problem as I have my drive set to map at startup, and it still won´t work. In fact that is not a solution at all, just an attempt at a solution…

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