A weird problem

Good morning all,

Any help with the below problem is MUCH apreciated:

  1. I have both a Mac and a PC.  Mac is my personal computer, PC is my work supplied computer, so I’d prefer to always use my Mac when at home.  That said, when I am on my Mac and go into my “finder” then “my book live” I can open the Public folder no problem, but then when I try to open “Shared Videos” “Shared Pictures” or “Shared Music” it tells me “The folder ‘shared videos/music/pictures’ can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents”.  However, if I walk over to my PC and click “computer” "network “mybook live” and “public” I can then click on those shared folders and open them no problem.  So the issue I am having is I have to load my content from my mac into a dummy folder, then walk over to my PC to drag those files into the “shared” folders.  I don’t get why my Mac won’t let me access the shared folders!

You can try mapping the drive

How to Map on a Mac

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I really appreciate that!  Worked perfectly.  For my own knowledge…why did I need to do that?  What is “mapping” a hard drive?  

Thanks again!