Cannot access dashboard through browser. "this page is not available"

Hello folks,

Apologies for another thread with the same problem that comes up again and again.

I’ve a WD MyCloud 3TB NAS box and cannot connect to the dashboard through Google chrome.

I’ve recently(one hour ago) factory reset the system only as not to lost my files as my e-mail download links weren’t working.  I was getting “404 Not found, File not found.” when trying to use the links.

I was then following these instructions to allow port forwarding:,

In the hope that this would sort the e-mail issue, however halfway through the browser jumped to my Sky router page.  I think I may have accidently clicked the cursor onto the address bar and entered an IP address.  However since then I’ve not been able to get back to the WD MyCloud dash.

Any help getting access back to my dash is appreciated.  Then I can continue with the issue of getting download links to work.  They were working previously but then stopped for some reason.

Thanks in advance.


since you were in the middle of making changes I suspect somthing is inconsistant at this point. Do another system only restore

if you actuall did the factory restore as your post mentions then your data is gone. the system only restore leaves shares and data in place