Can you use SSD's?

Im looking at purchasing one of these for a customer. With 4 WD 4TB SSDs. I’m curious to know if they will work and do they support 2.5" drives? Is there an alternate caddy to hold the 2.5" drives or do the ones they come with support for 2.5" drives?


What does one of these mean?

Product Portfolio | Western Digital

Hmmmm. I’m in the PR4100 forum… I’m guessing a PR4100

When I opened your topic, it came up in Announcements & Discussions.

I’m interested in this too as SSD would work faster.

I heard back from WD after 3 days trying to talk to them… They do not support 2.5" disks, nor SSD in any way…

Interesting in this is what shows on their site under the link I provided you before.

WD Red™ SA500 NAS SATA SSD | Western Digital Store

Reading this information makes it sound as if they do work, but expensive.

But the PR4100 or the 2100 neither support 2.5" drives… So no SSD’s