Can no longer connect to MBL on Mac

Hello All,

Up until now I have been using the drive without a hiccup, however from this evening I haven’t been able to access the drive on my Mac, whilst connected to my home network. I can still access the drive and all my files remotely, but not through the finder on my Mac. The drive is still visible under shared devices in finder, but all I get is connection failed. The LED on fron if the drive is green and as far as I can tell everything else is in order. Everything appears to work, expect for accessing the drive form my Mac. The installation wizard will still discover the drive and seemingly install it, but when I hit ‘Open in Finder’, I get the message “There was a problem connecting to the server. The share does not exist on the server. Please check the share name and try again.”

Is there a way I can completely remove the drive form my Mac in order to perform a clean install, without erasing my data, is this likely to help at all?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Try deleting the previously mapped location

then connect to the server again

removing the map location will not affect the drives data

Wizer - Thank you for your reply.

Please excuse my ignorance, but where do I delete the map location?

The mapped drive show under the shared section on the mac

once you access the mapped drive there , there’s an option to disconnect from the server

the drive will still show on the LAN since on the same workgroup but you will be able to map again and see if the problem clears

The only option I have when I right click the drive , under the shared section, is ‘Open’ and ‘Get Info’. Open does nothing and get info is of no help.

When I log into the UI I am told the network link is down, or has become intermittent. Are there any router settings that may need changing?

OK so I just got off the phone to WD support, who had me try to connect to the drive a few different ways, to no avail.

The light on the front of the drive is still green and the UI indicates there is still data on the drive, but for whatever reason, I cannot access it.

What are my options for retrieving this data? I am pretty sure, at least I am hoping, it is not corrupt. If I was to open up the case would I be able to access the HDD and copy the data onto another device? Will I then be able to put the drive back together?

Opening the drive is not an option since it voids the warranty

try contacting WD to see what options you have

There is the option of an RMA, however WD offer no service in trying to recover the data.

If I was sure I could get the data back, I would open the drive, recover the data and take the hit to replace it with a new one.