Can My Passport Ultra transfer files from one computer to another?!

So I bought the My Passport Ultra 2TB, so I can put my pics and music in there just in case my computer breaks, but will the pics be able to be transferred into another computer or is it designated for that one computer?

This must be your first external drive for you to ask this question. Yes, the pics and music and other data can be transferred (copied) to another computer under certain conditions.

1, Did you put the data onto your new drive using the drive’s backup program, or did you simply copy them onto it via the computer’s copy function?

If you used the backup program, they are likely in a form only your computer understands, but if you copied them via COPY, then yes you can transfer them from one place to another under the same operating system, or via a home network connection.

  1. Are you using a PC or a Mac?
    the files, even if copyable, cannot not be interchanged under typical conditions, i.e a drive for a PC cannot normally be connected to a Mac or vice versa.

There is more to your question than meets the eye, and it all depends upon . . . .

Maybe others have some additional questions to ask.

Yeah, this is my first external HDD. I’m not a huge computer guy, but I’m trying to make sure all my stuff is protected just in case the worst thing happens. I used the back up. It’s a PC, but I’ll try dragging all my folders/files onto the HDD. I wasn’t 100 sure if I were able to just drag and drop

At the most basic level you can just think of (and use) the drive as a large USB stick or thumb drive.