Can I run script on schedule?

Hi guys, I was hoping someone can help me determine if this is at all possible. I am trying to automate my dash camera back up at night when i park in my garage. The camera is made Blackvue it connects to my home network and i can set it up to remain on for as long as i need it to. I found a script and detailed explanation how to do so from a Synology NAS but I would really like to find out if i can use MyCloud my firmware is 4.05 and its a single 4tb drive. instructions

any help will be greatly appreciated.

You may want to look at this information. See FAQ> Differences Between My Cloud Products

I have looked over but there is no really anything for ssh

What do you want? SSH gives you access to the Debian Wheezy that underlies v4 firmware. Provided you don’t use apt, you can use whatever scripting you like.

I get that idk how to make a schedule for the script to run automatically everyday when i get home

Research ‘cron’.

It is exactly what you are looking for. Specifically, creating a cron job.

Assuming you are working with a gen1 device (4.xxxxx firmware), you should be able to reliably set a cron job, and have it stick. This is much more difficult to do on gen2 hardware, because of how WD did the firmware on those models.

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Tnx I have never done Cron anything so I will have to read on it I am pretty sure I have gen1 since my firmware is 4.05.xxxx