Can I RIP out the HDD to use in Desktop?

This thing is Less than worthless, completely unusable, I have just it and a gigabit switch and it can take an hour to copy 10k never mind kb, mb or tb! I did the firmware when I got it a month ago, I’m not doing that all the time. I’m already over it, I won’t even bother returning it - I can’t stand dealing with big companies, I’ll just throw it away after DRILLING it, If I cannot take the HDD out and put into my Desktop as a SATA II, can I do that? I need space and speed, not this spontaneously restarting garbage,. And 1kb/hour transfer speed… I dont care about warrantees… ANY Problem taking it apart and putting the drive into my desktop?

Have you taken a look at the following thread that explains many of the copying speed issues:

Have you performed a 4 second reset via the reset button the back of the My Cloud? What about a 40 second reset?

How are you transferring the files (what program/app), and with which OS? How is the computer connected to the My Cloud, via Wi-Fi?

To answer your specific question, yes one could disassemble the My Cloud and remove the SATA hard drive within it. One would have to reformat the drive however since it is typically subdivided into 8 partitions with the data partition being the fourth partition. Because the My Cloud uses Linux for its operating system Windows may not be able to read/access the various partitions without 3rd party software that can read/access EXT4 and other non Windows hard drive formats.

Note: Disassembling the My Cloud will probably void the warrantee on both the My Cloud and the drive itself.

I note this is your first post, I.e. you have not asked for help previously.

There is obviously something wrong with that transfer speed, so something is worng. It could be hardware, or it could be the setup.

How did you set it up?
What facilities have you enabled on it?
What are the various LEDs showing?
Have you tried a different network cable?
Have you tried a different router port?
Can you access the Dashboard?
Have you read the manual?
What have you done to try to get it working?

Hi, no, I did the firmware and expect it to simply work. I turn it on, files always copy slow… Thats all there is too it… If I have to do all this to get it to work, it is inherent ■■■■… OH MY GOD I CANT SAY [[DELETED]] ? The stupid cable is fine, i’m a computer guy since they were in DOS, everything is normal and fine… I Never had to do any of this stuff with ANY of the last 25 years worth of data storage devices, i’m surely not starting now… I wish people would at least answer the question when thry respond… CAN I, LITERALLY, i mean, WILL IT WORK TO PUT THE DRIVE INTERNALLY, to me a Hollywood Animator, 4TB internal drive? GREAT! Dealing with 40 second resets and updates and restarting, on an inherently slow network drive tens of thousands of people are also complaining about? Not great, Not Ever Great in any way shape or form. I asked a direct and simple question please someone answer it… I will try the 4 second update or whatever, if you care to describe it I am NOT going backwards or down any rabbit holes in these Horrible endless Nightmare Threads… Thank you.

And its definately the drive, if I back out and copy a whole Folder its a little faster 8 MB a second… If I copy many files its basically frozen. I CANT USE THIS for my work , even if it gets Better the whole network, cloud concept is a bizarre nightmare… I need BLAZING speed, only internal will give me the speed I need as a media developer, this silly thing was a gift , the very last thing thing I need is data rate that is slower than it already is internally. I pull my hair out waiting for the fastest internals on the planet, this thing will cause me to suicide… I have spent a weeks backing up a few hundred MB’s! SO back to my simple question, Can I just put the drive internally, WHAT IS INSIDE THIS THING? A WD Black? :wink:

Pointing me to other posts will not help I am NOT going down a rabbit hole, I asked a simple question, please either answer it or give one of these miracle fixes you all speak of directly … HERE and, Now, without sending me into wonderland… Eventually I’ll just try to put it internal anyways, because this cloud thing is useless to me, TENS OF THOUSANDS ARE COMPLAINING either it works or it doesnt. I don’t have time to mess around with it.

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Did I read that long post? Well, SOME OF it, enough to know the drive is c r a p and Too Much work to be worth the money. Good lord, after 25 years of buying drives NOW I have to put hours of work into getting one to behave somewhat like a drive? NO WAY The mere fact I had to come looking for help on a HARD DRIVE is APPALLING, WESTERN DIGITAL must be Dying. I have spent a career buying ONLY WD drives and Now This. This will of course make me reconsider.

Bennor already told you: YES, you can open the case, remove the WD Red drive, connect it to a SATA controller, format it and use it as an internal HDD.

We don’t work for WD. We’re not psychics. We don’t know what your needs are, or where your drive came from. We just foolishly assumed that you had bought a MyCloud, rather than a simple SATA HDD because you wanted the facilities of a media-serving, remotely-accessible NAS. And we were trying to help you achieve that.

Your question about removing the hard drive was answered above but you chose to ignore it and make additional threads and posts complaining about not being helped. The reason why I pointed you to the other thread was because sometimes the problems people blame on the WD My Cloud are in fact not related to the My Cloud at all. The reason why I asked if you did a 4 second and or a 40 second reset is sometimes such a reset can fix certain issues.

Once the hard drive is removed from the My Cloud enclosure you can treat it like any other SATA hard drive and attach it to your computer as you see fit, and reformat it as you see fit.

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Well, I would have TRIED the RESET but as always people never give full information, I have to BEG for the next obvious sentence.,. Transfer speed I can deal with, not even an issue compared to the thing tearing itself apart and never sleeping, that is not right,…

If one had bothered to Google how to reset the My Cloud they’d find the following WD Support document as the first result.

If one had read the WD My Cloud User Manual they would have found a section on resetting the My Cloud in Appendix C.

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It has been pointed out to you at least ONCE before, the WD My Cloud is not just a hard drive. It is a NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE device that contains a hard drive. It is that network attached storage device’s operating system that was causing the drive NOT to sleep properly.

I have previously refrained from making the following comments but feel they must now be said because of your continual complaining about those who have tried to assist you.

Your initial question (removing the hard drive from the My Cloud) in this very thread was specifically answered in the very first reply to this thread, you chose to complain about the information provided and complain that no one is helping you. You were asked questions both in this thread and others in an effort to elicit more responsive information on your part, which was once again met with complaining and cries of no one helping. You were provided links to additional information both in this thread and others as a way to provide additional information and education, those links were like other help met with more complaining.

You complain about how you are not being provided “all” the information on how to perform a reset or what SSH is or how its used. As if it is our job to hold your hand and do everything for you. As if it is our job rather than yours to perform even the most rudimentary steps of doing an internet search from ANY reputable search engine to find out how to; reset the My Cloud, what SSH is, or how to issue SSH commands.

Myself and others who have tried to help you are not WD employees. We are fellow users of the My Cloud device who came to this site seeking help for a particular problem (or series of problems) we have or continue to have, and have stayed trying to help others with their problems on our own time, at our own expense! We ask questions to try and elicit more relevant information from people having trouble so as to provide a more relevant and specific answer or solution. In your case repeated questions about what steps have you tried are met with hostility and repeated claims that no one is helping you. We have posted links in an effort to help educate you, instead that help was once again met with hostility and repeated claims of no one is helping you.

I’m glad you finally were able to fix your problem. That said, I am sorry that you find the need to lash out in such a juvenile and trollish manor as you have when others were only trying to help. From this point forward, which I’m sure will make you happy, I’ll refrain from providing you any further assistant in this thread or any others you may start or have started. Good day to you sir.


The MyCloud NAS I’ve got is working fine. Answers to the few quirks are in this WD Community.
I opted not to assist because of the attitude shown.