Can I have multiple MyBook Live storage devices on my network?

Have an HP laptop running Windows 7 64 bit OS. Currently have a MBL 3TB storage device networked with LP thru a multiport ethernet 1 gb switch. I am nearing capacity of 3TB storage and I want to add another for additional capacity.

Is this possible to do? If so How?

I’m planning on doing the same, I intend to plug the second one into the same 4-port router the first is plugged into… can’t see how this could be a problem…

I have made several attempts and the result is that I have not been able to see both drives.

Just connect the MBL to the router/switch and make sure to change it’s name on the configuration page and make sure it has a unique IP address to prevent conflicts and you’re good to go. if this is not working then check if your switch is not giving different IP addresses (It must give the drives a different IP for each) and disconnect the second one, change the name of the first one and then connect the second one again.

I have three running on the same /24 subnet with no issues. All are running on fixed IP versus DHCP but that  isn’t  a requirement. 

Based on what I see of the way they operate only place I could see contention would be if you accepted the default name on the first device then tried to add a second - the names would be duplicated on the network which will not work. Other than that they’re plug and run. 

But I have:

First unit is NAS storage that’s accessed by three AppleTV’s

Second is file/document storage

Third is used exclusively as a Time Machine backup by 7 Macs in the household. No issues at all.