Running two MyBookLive 1TB drives on one network

Hello all,

In our office, we (secretary and administration staff) work purely on MyBookLive. We store, create and edit all of our documents on there. This drive is then backed up to the cloud by a third party. 

We are currently in the process of recruiting other departments. These departments are not to have access to the files stored on the current MyBookLive drive due to confidentiality and sensitive information. Instead, we wish to purchase a second MyBookLive for them to access and use for their everyday file storage.  

Firstly, would it be possible to run two MyBookLive’s from one router?

Would these clash at all or effect the third party backup (I’m worried that having two of the exact same devices with the same IP will confuse the system) ? 

Would we be able to password protect the network drive for the first MyBookLive so that other department could not access it? 

My main concern is the ability to run the two MyBookLives on the same network without them interfering with each other.

Thanks for your time. 

Marc M

Yes. You can run multiple systems on the same network.   Just ensure you give them unique names and IP addresses.  If you’re using DHCP-based addressing, the latter will be assured.