Can I delete files off PC after trasnfering to WD SmartWare Pro?

Hey guys, I’m not sure which verson of the Pro Series I have, but it’s a 4TB one, and I’m currently filled up on space on my computer.

I was wondering if after I back up all my photos, movies, and docs to the Pro if I can delete everything off my computer to free up some space, or if deleting files off my computer will also delete them off the Pro when it does it’s weekly backup.

Essentially, will the Pro delete files off of it that it doesn’t see on my computer anymore?

Thanks for the help!

Syncing deletions is optional. Try it by creating a temporary file or directory - sync - verify.
Note that you should always have a backup of your important data… that means at least 2 copies on 2 separate devices.

If you do that, you are deleting the backup and migrating your data. A backup means having your data on both places.

Chris, there is a difference between “backups” made by a backup program, and copies of files. Backups are encoded, and not readily available, whereas copies.are available. One needs backup and copies. You need copies either left on your PC or on a separate drive (beyond any backup you have).

Just adding more info on Backups!

@chris33 Do you have a WD My Cloud Four TB?

I have a four terabyte My Cloud and use SmartWare Pro for doing my backups. If you open up SmartWare and click on the Help tab>Backup and look at Upgrade to the WDSmartWare Pro software you will see why it may be necessary to have it.

You can use this link for more information on the WD My Cloud.

Use this link for the User Manual for SmartWare.