Buyer beware of Ebay seller

A little over a year ago I purchased a My Book Duo from a seller that has an extensive listing with Ebay. They advertise all types of storage devices and you can get about anything you could ask for in any combination. I purchased a My Book Duo with 2-6TB WD blue drives. Not long ago one of the drives failed. I had registered the product with WD as soon as I bought it and supposedly it was under warranty. The problem is, WD had the serial number of the unit as a 6TB unit with 2-3TB drives and were only willing to replace it with what the serial number said which was 2-3TB drives. I contacted the seller and he said that it states in their sales descriptions that all units are warrantied by WD. WD says the unit was originally sold to a “system manufacturer” and therefore it was the seller’s responsibility for warranty. So, this seller obviously buys parts, assembles them, sells them and tells you that WD will warrant them which is not true! If you are looking at a seller who is a “network” with “attached storage” in the name, RUN! I’m looking forward to WD returning my Duo with at least 6 good TBs of storage.

Why not just post the Ebay sellers name or a link to their Ebay Store ?

Cus it’s kinda like saying if you want to avoid a bad takeaway meal … beware of a place that says “food” and “restaurant” in the name :confused:

I did that because I was afraid WD would flag the post and delete it. Ok the seller is
[networkattachedstorage]. If this gets posted and remains, I’ve done my duty.[]