Browser access - all file-handling operations greyed out

We are trying to set up a share for people who will not be able to install the WD MyCloud desktop client on their machines.  So it has to be browser-based access.

We can use to login, and then the Web File Viewer to access the share and navigate round the folder structure. But when a normal user right-clicks on a file, all of the file-handling operations (download, copy, move, delete, etc) are greyed out. This is on up-to-date Windows 7, with IE or Firefox. As far as we can see, all permissions are set up correctly for the users, groups and shares.

The same user can access the share AND perform all permitted operations (e.g. read or read/write) when using the WD MyCloud desktop client.

If the admin user logs in via the browser interface, then they have full capability. And if the normal user then logs in immediately after admin , then they too have full access - the file-handling operations are all there. But this only lasts for a few minutes.

We can’t see any cookies stored by the browser. So we think that when admin logs in, a memory-resident ticket is created in the client machine, which persists after admin has logged out - and so is used when the normal user logs in - but which expires after a few minutes.

Can anyone explain what is going on? And especially how can we give read or read/write access to normal users who come through the browser interface? Are we missing something in setting up the permissions?

As I have a user that cant seem to master FTP I decided to try this method of accessing via the web browser.  Guess what?  I have exactly the same problem as described by Sneckboy.  Even when accessing the device directly via the external IP with the apprpriate port forwards in the router I still have the file functions greyed out problem as described. 

I then moved on to WEBDAV.  WEBDAV appears to work however I cannot use a secure connection.  Only a non encrypted connection via HTTP:// will connect to WEBDAV.  If I atempt to use a secure link via HTTPS:// it fails every time no matter what ports I forward etc.

Any body able to get these to functions working?  Web Access and SECURE WEBDAV.