Broken USB port and How to replace / Repair?

I have a WD element 1TB Portable USB Drive and the micro USB port on the actual drive is damaged and needs a new one soldering on.

Does anyone know where I can get the part (s) and where I can possible get it repaired in the UK. I live in the North of England??

I have masses of data and pictures on it and don’t want to lose them. I have backed up but I have stuff more recently and didn’t have an opportunity to back up again before it broke?

Any help gratefully received.

Hi David, you have at least two options regarding this issue.

  1. You can send the drive to WD in the UK and I am sure they would be able to repair it for you
  2. This will void your warranty, but you can remove the hard drive from the case, and place it in a new enclosure

However, it might be the that you have the technical know how to repair the port, but I myself would pick one of the two options above.

Good luck!

Option “2” is not possible because the logic is soldered on … built in

gOOgle images shows that