Book Covers for my MyBook and MyCloud on my Bookshelf

I’ve been looking at Qnap Drives for many years now and the one key feature that WD drives have over QNap is the form factor. I think you should capitalize on this. I’ve cut mine out from an Old reader Digest condensed book, but the leather look is what I am going for. It would be really really nice if you sell book covers designed especially for your WD drives. 

One other thing though is the connection in the back casues your MyCloud and MyBook to stick out from the shelf. It would nice if you could redesign the plug to be either recessed or perhaps at right angles to the device. Optionally they could connect at the top or bottom and fed through a corridor to the back. Just thoughts.

Both the Mycloud and MyBook are on the left side of the photo. There is an air clearance at the foot as these covers just wraps around the device. If you design ones from WD, you can make them form fitting so they clasp on the back.