BitTorrent Sync is finally here!

never been easier to install!

finally a good sync application that syncs files over internet, and makes them available on the file explorer!

happy syncing!

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Thanks for sharing.

Was experiencing issues with bittorrent sync where it would stop showing the web GUI after 30-40 minutes and would stop syncing after a couple of hours.  It’s now been taken down off their website and replaced with “2.0.85 packages for WD EX2/EX4 are on hold pending resolution of a bug. Please check back soon.”  Did anyone manage to get it working on their NAS or did you experience the same issues I had?

@Abe_Stew, could you please help me to start to use this app, so I will make any test you wish and we will discover if it is setted up now.

To install, just go to the webpage at the address posted above, and follow instructions on that page.
Basically, on that page you need to scroll down and download the app corresponding to your device. The package is 2.3.1 at present.
Once you have saved the package on your PC, follow the instructions from step 1 through step 4 to install it on your device (not the instructions “how to update Sync”, but those “how to install Sync”).
Once you are done, use a browser to go to the address of your device followed by :8888, like and there you will find the web GUI of the Sync app running on your device.