Best Setup for 1 TB My Passport and 4TB My Book

I have been using My Passport (1TB) to backup my PC (Windows 7 with a 1TB HD). I have cleaned up my computers hard drive several times recently but still today I got a message that My Passport is full. This evening I bought a 4TB My Book and rather than just swapping the My Book for the My Passport I thought it would make sense to use them both. My thought was to use the My Passport to handle overflow data from my PC Hard Drive and to have the My Book backup the whole thing. So, I have three questions:

  1. Does my logic make sense?
  2. If not, what would be the better way to use my equipment?
  3. Finally, How would I set up the two external drives?

Perry Cooper

Hi perrycooper,

If you want to take backup manually, you can use both drives to store data files. However, backup software can use only one drive, either My Passport or My Book, to store complete backed up data files.

Thanks for your reply! I guess I can use my Passport to backup my Laptop and my MyBook to back up my desktop. Both can then back up to I Drive.