Best MBL placement for performance over a Gigabit network with multiple switches

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I’m new here, this is my first post, hope I get some help, thank you all in advance!

I’ve upgraded my whole network to a Gigabit network. I just wanted to know how do I check that the MBL is connected as Gigabit and not 10/100?

Is there like a LED that shows that? Or is it in the settings via the web interface.

Also another question I had regarding network traffic. Here is my network setup, so there is some context to my question.

TP Link TD-W8970 ADSL Modem Router:

   PORT 1 = Minix Neo X5 (Android Mini PC)

   PORT 2 = Echostar Sling Box

   PORT 3 = RJ45 to Switch 1 (S1)

TP-Link TL-SG1008D Switch 1 (S1):

   PORT 1 = RJ45 from TP Link TD-W8970 Router (For internet)

   PORT 2 = Minix Neo X5 For the Kids room

   PORT 3 = RJ45 to S2 (Switch 2)

Connection from Switch 1 to Switch 2 is a 10 meter RJ45 from the front of the flat to the back of the flat.

TP-Link TL-SG1008D Switch 2 (S2):

   PORT 1 = RJ45 from S1

   PORT 2 = MacMini

   PORT 3 = WD My Book Live 2TB

   PORT 4 = TP-Link TL-WA701D Wifi Access Point

   PORT 5 = Nokia Siemens Network Femtocell device (From T-Mobile)

I decided to move the MBL from S1 to S2 nearer to the MacMini as the MacMini is running a Plex server and Transcodes MKV files from the MBL to the Minix Neo X5’s. 

Really my question is does it make any difference? The logic behind moving the MBL to S2 from S1 is the fact that I thought there might be a lot of redundant trafic on the one cable connecting the two sitches as data needs to be sent from the MBL to the MacMini and then back to the Minix Neo X5’s over the same cable. By moving the MBL to S2 only data is sent one way to the Minix Neo X5’s from S2 to S1, lowering the traffic on the 10 meter cable? Does this make sense?

Is there a better place you guys suggest I connect the MBL? Should I connect it to the router? The Router is running the DHCP server? Do all the data flow from the router, hence making my theory redundant, as the router is connected to S1, so all the data would still need to go through the 10 meter cable from S2 regardless?

Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

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“I’ve upgraded my whole network to a Gigabit network. I just wanted to know how do I check that the MBL is connected as Gigabit and not 10/100?”

Check the manual’s “Check Back Panel LEDs”.

For the rest, it is hard to predict, it all depends on the amount of traffic all machines are generating and when. If all generate quite a bit of traffic at the same time, you will have issues with most home switches. Commercial switches are too expensive. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to put the devices which generate the most traffic between them on the same switch, isolating the traffic.

And no, all you LAN traffic, should not flow thru you router, that is assuming, you have actual switches. Which it seems you do.

Do a google search for “switch vs hub” and you will see what I mean.