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Re: Is WD My Book Live truly wireless? Or needs always Ethernet wire to run OK?[ Edited ]


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Shabuboy wrote:

“it seems you are confused on so many different ways.”

You nailed it! :smileyvery-happy:

That is exactly I do feel! :smiley:

“For this model, you will always need a cable to connect it to the router/switch.”


My ZyXEL wlan router is 10/100,

but my HP laptop  has 1 Gb Ethernet, like MBL has.

Switch you write about, would it cost a lot?

More than a new gigabit router?

"Now, IF it is connected to a router/switch which has wireless capabilities,

that just means all those machines with wireless capabilities, will be able to see the MBL."

Ok, I quess I understand this now

and will not try to unplug Ethernet wire from my MBL

and hope it would work wireless with my router.

But I truly thought, it would work wireless, like my laptop does!

Just cannot understand why MBL could not work wireless like laptop does…

At the moment photos are saved to MBL but the speed is very slow, 4,41 mb/sec.

I added ethernet wire from laptop to router,

so now all three devises are plugged with Ethernet wires,

but still the speed is as slow.

Before buying this  MBL I was told that while my laptop has gigabit Ethernet

it would be quick to transfer data from and to MBL.

What should I do to reach better speed?

Thank You! :smiley:

You need a gigabit switch ( about 15 pounds in the UK) plug all gigabit computers and MBL into the gigabit switch for the best speeds.

Hi :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment!

Would that really solve the problem which my ZyXEL router 10/100 causes?

My HP laptop has 10/100/1000 ethernet.

Its hard to say how much better it will be but it’s a small outlay and it will give you more wired connection ports. See  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5736 

Don’t buy cheap switches just because they are low priced.

Read the specifications!  

Cheap switches often have very small “packet buffers” which will cause substantial data loss and low performance when high-performance devices are connected.

You want a switch with at least 128KB of packet buffer per port, preferably more.

Many cheap switches out there have < 16K per port, and when using high-performance systems that use 64K segments (such as the MBL), well, it’s bad news.