Bad Sectors in hard drive


First of all, I want to know if my hard drive is dying, or crippled. I will only replace if my hard drive is dying. Here is what i know about the hard drive

The WD hard drive is 4 years old, the drive has bad sectors.

292 of them are reallocated. 141 of them are pending. 141 of them are uncorrectable.

Is there a way to know if the hard drive will fail… what should be done?

Having bad sectors in the hard drive does not mean that the drive will not on the operating mode. But sometimes it can be the cause of permanent damage. The bad sectors can be the cause of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). And when windows try to perform read or write operation, it shows the I/O error and then a BSOD. There are many tools available online to check hard drive health. So it is recommended to do SMART analysis time to time to avoid these situations.

The bad sector cannot be repaired, but it can be considered unusable. Once the system is successful in identifying a sector as ‘unusable’, certain software such as Disk Utility software is smart enough to mark the affected sector as unusable. As a result, the OS learns not to attempt any data stored in this sector in the future.
If your data is essential, you can approach the data recovery service to recover your data…