1 Bad Sector found and not mounting

Hi, Am having a 1 tb external wd hdd 2010. There was no issues till last month. But now it is not mounting. It is showing that one bad sector is found… What to do please help me throughout this situation…

When a good hard disk comes up with one or more bad sectors, the disk goes bad; and, when such a situation occurs, the data stored in the bad sectors may get lost. There are scenarios when the cause of bad sectors could be a faulty drive head. In such cases, there is a likelihood of spreading the issue to several other sectors of the disk. Hence, in situations where the hard drive experiences one or more bad sectors, it is highly advisable to back up the disk data or fix the bad sectors instantly.

Below are the common signs and symptoms that indicate bad sectors in a Hard Drive:

• Strange noises on booting, especially at the time of read/write and hard disk drive opening.
• Error Messages like “Files become corrupt while running a program or reading a file”.
• System is consuming a long time to run a program or read a file.
• System showing a Blue Screen.
• When your system shows warning message such as a “General error in reading drive C” or “Sector not found”, even though it is not attacked by a virus.
• When Windows fail to complete the hard disk drive format - Quick as well as full.
• When the System every time, upon booting, auto-runs the Scandisk to scan errors in the hard drive.

Now, how to fix bad sectors in a hard drive:

Option 1: Manual Method for Windows 10/8 Users

  • Selection of the Search option.
  • In the Search field, type This PC >> click This PC.
  • Select the drive you want to repair >> Right-click the drive >> click Properties.
  • Allows you to Select the Tools tab.
  • Under Error checking section, click Check.
  • Allows you to Review the scan results.
  • Click Scan and Repair drive option.
  • Allows you to Schedule when to repair the file system.
  • Let Windows to Scan and Repair the Hard Drive Sectors.

Option 2: Manual Method for Windows 7 Users

  • Close all running Programs and File.
  • Go to Start >> Computer.
  • Select the Hard Drive you want to check for Bad Sectors.
  • Under Properties >> select Tools.
  • Under Error-checking section, click Check now.
  • Checkmark the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option.
  • Click Start.
  • Indicates Windows attempts to fix errors.
  • Review the Check Disk Report.

However, to recover data from a crashed hard drive, I suggest you to check out the below link:

Hope it will help.