Backing up G-Raid to External Drive w/ Incremental Backup

Hi there!

I’ve moved from a Synology NAS setup to a G-Raid 20tb configured to RAID 1. I’m a photographer and store all our photos and other misc onto the RAID 1. I bought two 10tb G-Drives to do backups of the RAID and store one offsite.

With Synology I was able to use their software to do nightly backups with only the newest date changes (like Time Machine) onto the backup drive. I would then swap the backup drive with our offsite drive and replicate this process daily.

I’ve searched but could only find posts about hot swapping the internal drives of the RAID. I do not want to do this. I would like to know how to use the G-Drives externally to backup the RAID.

Thanks so much!