RAID 1 working drive & best way to back it & my laptop up?

I’m a photographer and house all my files on my 8TB Thunderbolt G-RAID set up as mirrored - this acts as my working drive. Until now I have been manually backing this up on a 3TB G-drive. They are both nearly full. What should I do next? What do I need? I’m after an idiots guide, please! I want something that will back up changes as I make them. Perhaps with something like Chronosync would help? I’d also like to have a back-up/rebootable copy of my laptop which only stores my apps, and Lightroom catalogue, so that I can get up and working again as soon as possible should I run into problems. I don’t need to know about good backup practise or advice about cloud storage, just practical ■■■■■ proof info/advice, please!

Hi @Kat,

Please refer to the below link to back up data by using Acronis True Image Back up:

Connect the array disks to your computer as independent local disks.Launch the Diskinternals RAID recovery softwareOpen and perform the RAID Wizard.,In Reader or Uneraser mode, open the logical disk contained in the Hard Drives section of the disk list from the RAID disk.
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