RAID 1 working drive & best way to back it & my laptop up?

I’m a photographer and house all my files on my 8TB Thunderbolt G-RAID set up as mirrored - this acts as my working drive. Until now I have been manually backing this up on a 3TB G-drive. They are both nearly full. What should I do next? What do I need? I’m after an idiots guide, please! I want something that will back up changes as I make them. Perhaps with something like Chronosync would help? I’d also like to have a back-up/rebootable copy of my laptop which only stores my apps, and Lightroom catalogue, so that I can get up and working again as soon as possible should I run into problems. I don’t need to know about good backup practise or advice about cloud storage, just practical ■■■■■ proof info/advice, please!

Hi @Kat,

Please refer to the below link to back up data by using Acronis True Image Back up: