Backing up files only creates folders but doesn't copy the files

I recently purchased an EX2 Ultra and have been nothing but frustrated with it. One of my many issues is that when I try to copy over folders to back them up, only the folders themselves are created. None of the files copy over. I am having to go copy each individual file folder separately. Please tell me I’m missing something that will enable all files and folders to be copied over!

I also am frustrated with backing up my EX2 Ultra, One day I was able to back up a couple folders, but since then nothing. Hopefully there is someone out there to guide us in the right direction.

Definitely must be frustrating. Seems that many are having issues with the EX2 NAS.

Check the NAS settings to be sure SMB is enabled etc

If your going to try to help you need to give more direction than (Check the NAS settings to be sure SMB is enabled etc) I am a woker be not a tech gue rue and need some guidence. Things like under the setting tab and then under USB back up/etc etc would be helpful.

Settings-network- then down the page to Windows Services
then see SMB Protocol

I see SMB3 on my ex2ultra but do not know if that will fix this problem

I only use the WD USB backups app so have not seen the copy folder problems BUT is do see many post of others reporting the problem.

SMB2,3 is enabled. I’ve got a few more days that I can return this. I paid almost $500 for it, so if I can’t get it figured out in the next couple of days, this is going back to the store.

If anyone else has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! Thank you!