Auto backup of SD card doesnt work?

I bought the My passport wireless for only 1 feature - auto backup of sd card.
But it seems it doesnt work/

my firmware is latest.
And also auto copy is enabled.
Still no go.

How do we fix this now ?

What type of SD card are you using? You can check it against the supported list in the following KBA

IM using Sony 64GB one,

It still doesnt work.
Looks like WD support is poor.
No one replies to emails to support mail.

Worsdt investment.
Doesnt work auto import.

I provided the list of supported cards for you in my initial reply. The Sony 64GB card is not on the supported list.

It shows all Sandisk compatible.
But Sandisk even doesnt work sir

I’m sorry, our discussion was regarding the Sony card. You hadn’t brought up any other cards. If no cards are being read then there is a good chance the SD card slot is faulty. You can call 1-800-275-4932 to have it replaced under warranty if it is too late to exchange it with the retailer you purchased it from.