Arabic subtitle not supported in WD Elements Play

Why Arabic subtitle not supported in WD Elements Play?

They are.

dear tony please give us a respect answer in ur website u say that arabic is supported for this device so give us a solution or an update to make it supported by arabic

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According to the WD website they are supported.

What makes you say that Arabic subtitles are NOT supported?

Can you give an example of when you have tried to play a movie with Arabic subtitles?


i tried to download a movie like Knowing for example and i download the arabic subtitle for it from subscene website and put them in my media player on computer it works great but when i put them in a folder and save them in my WD Element play the subtitle give me a rabush text and the subtitle is SRT type i tried to convert it to another extension like sob and other but it is not work i ask is there any update for this device to support arabic subtitle and folders becuase there is another people can do it but mine not …