[APP] CrashPlan various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2016)

Ok. Appreciate reply. Is there a fix for slow uploads mate

Try not to use compression/encryption (these are CPU hogs for MyCloud) and set the deduplication algorithm to minimal.

You can refer to here for details http://support.code42.com/CrashPlan/4/CrashPlan_App_Reference/Backup_Settings_Reference.

I don’t really use this app, just helping to build it for others. But I recalled testing the speed of first version I built, the speed was about 5-10MB/s+ between local PC and MyCloud 1Gbps wired, but that doesn’t take into account all my other custom stuffs running under the hood. For the CrashPlan backup servers, it’s below 1MB/s mind you I have a 1Gbps internet upload.

Hi mate where are the options for that? Are they in the gui ?

Yes they are available in the GUI. Refer to the previous link for details.

Hi mate. Thank you answering all my questions far. One more thing I did a
factory reset on my nas yesterday, I thigh that would clear off crashplan
but when I tried reinstalling it it failed with 0 free nfs space or
something. How do I completely remove it so I can start a fresh

Factory reset won’t clear custom modifications. Only firmware reflash or upgrade will clear all these in the rootfs.

I think you might have downloaded something huge in the 2GB rootfs ‘/’ partition. You need to find and remove those huge files manually. Else just reflash the firmware to start fresh.

Will that wipe the disk mate?

Reflashing the firmware won’t wipe any of your data partitions.

…just when i think ive got it working, it now says “Upgrading…” everytime on the “splash \ launch” screen when i try and load Crashplan on the PC.

is it because, on the pc its 4.7 and the NAS is 4.6 ?

can auto upgrade be turned off?

I’m not sure if v4.6 can work with v4.7, I don’t really use this app.

I’m afraid no, you could try though creating a dummy zero byte file ‘upgrade’ replacing the upgrade folder in ‘/usr/local/crashplan/’. There was a report about the upgrade folder filling the MyCloud’s 2GB rootfs partition. I’ll try to release the v4.7 soon, already got things prepared, will see if I can do something about stopping the auto upgrade.

Thanks mate. You’re a star

Hi, Teana. Just installed Crashplan…
But I’m afraid something is not correct. The instalation gave me no problems, no warnings, everything ok, but this directory is empty…

Thank you for your effort.


Has managed to obtain that info reinstalling the package, but now arises a BIG question related the insides of this CrashPlan.
My public IP is dynamic. Not a big issue, as I have a DNS service to catch my IP changes and maintain them updated, but seems the “server” (In this case, the PC playing as My Cloud) catches the IP it had while the process of registration and records it , so the process to make IP renewal to let the clients contact Mycloud after an IP renewal does not exists (or is no clear).
Perhaps somebody in the forum knows better, so I beg someone shedding light in this aspectt.
Regards again

I’m not sure but isn’t the client IP registration is done with the CrashPlan server? Think it’s better to check with the developer, I’m not using this app, just helping to build it.

Hi, Will this method work with my cloud mirror gen 2? looking to purchase but need to ensure the nas is compatible with crashplan. Thanks.

I don’t have the 2nd gen devices or MyCloud mirror to support this app.