Any untilities to administer the media files that are in the Media Server

I am looking for some form of a find duplicate files to run against my Media Server.  I have as many as 4 copies of the very same material.  Due a lot in not really knowing how to populate it., 

are there any “find duplicate” type utilities that could be used on it to turn the server to single copies as well as allowing for the deletion of Materials.

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There are two possible issues here

  1. You really have copied the same file to the drive multiple times.

  2. The media server is, for some reason, showing you multiple copies of the same file.

The media server simply looks for media on your disk. So you can use any normal file browser to look at what is physically there.

If you want something to look at what is there, and help you remove duplicates, you need something like a media manager. I use MediaMonkey. This would help you view your file store, and sort by different metadata fields to find duplicates. Or, if you buy the ‘Gold’ version, if will find duplicates automatically, I think.

If the media server is showing multiple copies of the same file, then maybe it is set up incorrectly.  Have a look at this:

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