Amazon S3 configuration

Amazon S3 app configuration

Assumption: you have already set up S3 bucket, and created IAM user ID with access key
From Amazon S3 app, click Configure
In configuration screen click Create
Give it a job name e.g. mycloudbkp (note: this will be the folder name under you bucket)
In configuration popup select your region (check your S3 bucket configuration)
Copy and paste access key
Copy and paste Secret Access Key to Secret Key field
Copy and paste your S3 bucket name to Remote path (note: the bucket name only, no need to paste the full URI)
Click Next
Select Upload (if you plan to use S3 as backup location)
Select backup type e.g. incremental
Click Next
Select local path (note: this is the folder of your WD MyCloud)
Click Next
Select Auto update if you plan to do regular auto backup, or leave it as-is for one backup
Click Next
Review and confirm
Click Finish
You are good to go!