Amazon S3 App problems

Is there a way to uninstall / reinstall the Amazon S3 app on my EX2 Ultra?

Others have said it’s in Settings, but I see no way to do it there. I haven’t been able to get a backup to work without “failing”.

Jobs in my Queue cannot be edited and job name disappears… It all seems very buggy! :frowning:

Hello benkalow,

You can uninstall or remove 3rd party applications from the dashboard of My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Go to dashboard >> Apps >> Select 3rd Party App (which you want to delete or remove) >> click on"(-)" symbol mark to delete or uninstall apps.

However, you can refer below article if want to install 3rd party applications in My Cloud.

I’d like too, uninstall Amazon S3.
The problem is that I don’t find how to do. For other app it’s easy, but S3 looks to be included in the firmware.

If I want to unsinstall S3, it’s cause during execution jobs had problems, and now they are in the screen list, but without name, so it’s not possible to delete them.

hi this is any problem with formware … I have firmware 2.31.204 and problem is with disable default application… Example Amazoon S3 , http, P2P deefault app etc…

Petr Urban

I gave up on Amazon S3. I am using ElephantDrive now to back up my WD NAS and it works okay.

I gave up on Elephant Drive as it only created folders and didn’t actually back up the files. S3 is working great for me.

I have the same problem as Didou, backup failed, when I tried to edit it, the name disappeared and now it’s impossible to neither change the name nor delete the job… I spent so much money into an EX2 and PR4100, I am furious, this is the last time I buy WD products. I am just stuck in having to do manual backups until my WD drives crashes then I can change to a brand that is actually working seriously with professionals.

I have the same problem, I cant disable the Amazon S3, this is causing traffic on my network cause the app is consistently trying to reach different amazon sites. and my network person is getting very upset. this should have been caught in QC before it went out in the Wild. engineering needs to get its act together and update the firmware on for the device. I cant event talk to a person to complain I can only chat with the tech support. they need to fix this its causing me great stress.

There is no minus (-) symbol on the GUI admon page to remove the Amazon S3 or other apps as you stated. I am running the latest firmware on my MyCloud EX2 Ultra.
Please advise how to remove/disable unused/unwanted apps as they still show as enabled and are taking up RAM/memory/CPU usage when its not neded/desired.