Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]


JoeySmyth wrote:

I’m actually in the process of re-doing the Theme and using “Linksheets”


(Because the original way the theme worked, was the only way at the time to display backgrounds for all views. Also of note, when WD changed the Firmware after 2.07.17 this broke the theme)


So, stay tuned, a SMP / HUB (Latest Firmware) is in the works :smiley:


Thanks for your patience


Note: the SMP has a 30MB storage limit for “Linksheets” the only way around it, is to use Beta Homebrew (search the forum for more information)



I’m really happy and can’t wait for it!!!
I wish you a good work :slight_smile:


Hey Joey

I wondered if any work has been done on the linksheet version?  Would love to see some screenshots of work in progress :smiley:


Navigation speed is the biggest issue …

And in all honesty, i’m not happy with it :cry:  and haven’t done much because of it


Were you trying to use linksheets with this theme? Why do you think is making navigation slow? Is it because it is so graphic rich?


maybe…and maybe because linsheet works slower than moviesheet…the time a linksheet needs to load depend on it’s resolution, the bigger the resolution is the slower will be the loading time, but if the resolution is to low, the linksheet will be ugly to see on a big full hd TV.

I’m using linksheets with my music library at 1024x576 resolution, I have about 20-30 moviesheet and other albums that haven’t them, I can tell you the navigation speed is not good but for me it’s acceptable


Any news for the new version ?


I see AEonish Hub FR Rev. 2 was posted to HOTFILE, but HOTFILE no longer is available as a download site - WHERE else can I find this theme for downloading?


Please DO NOT change the Subject Title.

Links updated (Mediafire)  Page 1

Remember this theme is outdated (only works properly on the Live Hub with old Firmware 2.07.17)


Is there anybody, who uses this theme succesfully (incl. moviesheets) on his SMP? And if so, which firmware version do you use?


for me, Theme is not “outdate”.

i think, i roll back to Firmware 2.07.17

more fun, to have a good theme.

also there will be no new firmware more
So why wait for new ones.
if the “old” does, what i want :slight_smile:


Hey Joey,
you are very active in “ALASKA resurface.” Any activities expected here (or other) ? Greetings Frank


that sounds very promising.
watching the video is well done - good Speed -  keep it up.
by the way, for me is (still) anyway the music player the most important :slight_smile:
I wish you many rainy days as motivational-help (fun)
you make it work -)


Joey! Looks absolutely amazing those screens. I have a SMP for several years now and have used most of the themes here and my favourite has always been Aeonish. The png transparency problem however made me switch. A while back I have been doing some editing for myself to make Aeonish work again but certainly not at the level you have been editing. My biggest problem was getting the info somehow on the sheet and the backgroundpicture apart from it since I would like to show it different in every view, but without loosing quality. The movie you made, is this already one theme with all the displayed views based on one sheet or did you edit the gallery view multiple times and show different possibilities with different sheets.

If it is already one theme you have so far I would very much like to try it as it’s nearly my holiday and I have some spare time?:) I normally only read the forums but I had to ask.


Briljant! With the help of the sheet i can imagine how you are able to create these different views! Very creative I must say, impressive! Especially keeping up the scroll speed. With the simple edit I did scroll speed went down as soon as used to much overlay and hiding. Wich eventually made me stick to the basic theme with a poster in every view and without the information and eventually made me switch to alaska. Which is clear but still provides all the information.

I think a lot of people if not all :stuck_out_tongue: will be very happy with this development. Best theme so far if you ask me. All(!) Views are both clear and organized but still al the information and even fanart! If I can provide any help at all I am willing to. I have three weeks of vacation coming up and some time left. If you want I could test some things. I would very much like to try it anyway and maybe I can provide a report with al the bugs and list of improvements in return? Saves you some time as the testing part is rather time consuming.


WOW, looks great.

I wish it could work on WDTV SMP latest version.


Hey Joey,

Any News here?

Greetings Frank




Any progress? 


abandoned … i’m using Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 2 with Aeon Nox skin (WDTV is retired now)



hi Joey, nice to hear you.

Raspberry Pi 2 better than LiveHub?

which Linus version?

Xbian or Openelec or Raspbmc?