Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]


Inspired by “Aeon” Skin for XBMC  (Author: DJH)

Influenced by Aeon Nox Mod by BigNoid.

WD Live Hub XML  Modification/ Adaptation / Layout & Template Design by Joey Smyth.


Click the ‘Kudos’ Star if you appreciate my time & effort creating this Theme.




I am happy to offer help,assistance and support to forum members that own a “WDTV Live Hub”.

I do not own a WDTV (Streaming Media Player) “SMP” and therefore cannot offer any help,assistance or support to people wanting to use/or Install this Theme on a Device i Do Not Own.





 Æonish Hub - FR Revision 2  FIRMWARE REVISION 2.07.17





 Æonish Hub - FR Revision 2  FIRMWARE REVISION 2.07.17 (MUSIC ID3) MOD


More Info:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes/%C3%86onish-Hub-FR-Revision-2/td-p/181990/page/76




FIRMWARE REVISION 2.07.17 - Home Png Graphics for Custom Home Screen



VIDEO TUTORIAL  -  for creating Custom Home Screen pictures



Æonish Hub - Demo Files and Folders + Thumbgen Templates (200MB)


Included in the Æonish Hub - Demo Files and Folders + Thumbgen Templates

• Æonish Hub Movies Demo (With 3 Second Video Fanart Files)

• Æonish Hub TV Show Demo (With 3 Second Video Fanart Files)

• Æonish Hub Music Demo (With 3 minute Silent mp3 Files of Actual Song Named Tracks)

• Æonish Hub Templates for Movie/TV Show/Music and Folder JPG Creation


Fonts for TV Thumbgen Templates




Æonish Hub - Thumbgen Moviesheet Video Tutorial Guide



Finally, Please realise this is the result of Months of Work and Countless Hours on a Personal Theme Project.

It is a “Personal” Project that im happy with so far … and am just simply sharing it with the WDTV Live Hub Community.

Thanks for all the Kudos on this thread everybody… 


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Huh? Artist as Album Artist

looks awesome as usual…!


Wow, cool, great, nice - i can’t find the right words…

please release a beta of this fantastic theme

regards gerd


Wow, amazing as always.  I cant wait to see this osd.  Thanks for the hard work, greatly appreciated.


excellent work once again Joey,

Would like to know about the ‘interesting things’ you found out.

A resume would be helpful for all!


Fantastic Fantastic…

I am using your Theme at  the moment and very pleased with the way it works…

Cant wait to try your new theme out,will you be realeasing it this week ?

cant wait…

Great work



Did a little bit of tweaking today (only a few hours, not like the day before… which was a 8 hour ‘session’)

the ‘interesting’ thing is… the following PNG images (and like the RV-BG jpg) are not subject to any ‘Slow Down’ of Navigation Speed.




I have replaced them with image (eg. the background “List” wall in list view) with an image nearly 10x to 50x the file size … and it does not have any effect on the navigation speed.

If i  "rename’ the image something else like  …     list_background_wall.png

Everything dramatically slows down by a significant amount … (it is so slow, it’s unworkable)

Tried the ‘Reverse’ as well …made an image ‘smaller’ than the default … but if it’s named ‘differently’

and it’s mega slow.  Then rename it to one of the ‘above’ … then navigation is fast and smooth again.

It Seems to me that these ‘File Names’ have a ‘set’ Priority in the Osd Firmware.   (*that’s my best guess anyways*)

So with this new knowledge, ive begun ‘redoing’ and ‘improving’ some other views and things…

P.S. Anybody think the Music Cd Cover should be positioned on the ‘Floor’ like the “Movie Poster” ?

If yes then i will add a Reflection to it.

P.P.S Im thinking, it should or would look better positioned on the Floor.


Hey Joey,

I just thought I’d let you know that I use this method in both Mojo and Voodoo to display different overlays.  Each view uses a different overlay and has a different name for each and I haven’t found that there is any slow down.

However, I have found that (while designing Voodoo) if you build on top of the osd Mochi theme and change images, that the HUB will slow down and you have to reboot the HUB for the speed to return to normal.

But as far as having a slow down with renamed overlays, I haven’t seen it.

Great work by the way.



Also Joey,

Here’s a little trick for your Home screen.  If your not displaying the Time or Weather for any of your screens, then instead of adding an image to the home xml for your menu’s background, try this.

First make a copy of the the “decoration.xml”, then rename the copy to “decoration_home.xml”, then open it up and delete the line “<include filename=”./inc_weather.xml />". and change “…/inc_time.xml”  to “…/inc_time_home.xml”.

Now make a copy of “inc_time.xml” and then rename the copy to “inc_time_home.xml”.  Then open it up and delete everything but the line:

And then give it the same position values as your “home_bar.png”.

Then open the “rv_home.xml” and delete your “home_bar.png” image line and add the line:


And then rename your “home_bar” image to “main_current_time_bg.png”.

This will make the image disappear when you open the dashboard so that you don’t see it behind the dashboard, and may also speed up the menu navigation.


HI Joey

I reckon music CD cover would be better with reflection to replicate ‘on the floor’.

Also, whilst having a more studied look of the pics, i have noticed a couple of things-

  1. Mini dvd/cd covers when in movie/ music list view!! Very clever and a nice touch.

  2. Dynamic music backdrops!!! GREAT but…

    Where is this information being pulled from? wasn’t aware that this could be done for music metadata?

     How many more tricks have you up that sleeve!! LOL


Joey - pretty amazing stuff you’ve got going!!! Personally, this is probably the best-looking theme yet. Although I am not into moviesheets right now - too much hazzle - I must admit, with this theme I am tempted !! :slight_smile:




Its superb as usual,

just 2 things:

  1. would like a larger music cover art with reflection

  2. reflections of movies is too much faded & not quite visible

& Also if it is possible would luv a larger music cover art at home screen in now playing mode. 


Maybe it’s the way to combine small moviesheet for additionnal info (rate,fps,audio and video codec) and thumbnail and use the xml info together

I prefer one screen with full info than the “get info” solution

Work in progress for me :slight_smile:

Bee Movie.jpg

direct link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/patatozor/5685349496/

just need to position the xml info right over the transparent part. the pictures size is between 100-150 ko

more efficient in gallery view :slight_smile:

and there’s place to add specific info in the moviesheet bar



Sorry, but personally I don’t agree with your suggestions for possible mods to Aeon theme!



my hub is connected to a 46" tv, the size of music art cover in list view is so small that it fails to grab eye while viewing +

the concept of music cover at now playing mode is awesome but bcoz of its size goes unnoticed.

These r just my personal opinions, if only others would agree…


just some drafts with my idea xml info + moviesheet :

2011-05-04 08.10.34.jpg

direct link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/patatozor/5686182653/

Informations are given by the xml and displayed over the moviesheet. The size of the movisheet is reduced due to this trick and the navigation goes faster


Pat, I like this idea


not so lazy indeed :slight_smile:

last draft


direct link : http://flic.kr/p/9EvFF6


Hi do you have any idea when you and Joey will be releasing your work so we can try it out.

you both have done tremendous work,keep it up

Many Thanks Dave