Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]



The main reason for buying it was for Kodi … for everything else, it does the same job as the Hub + more

also, don’t have to waste anymore time with thumbgen and moviesheets

eg. (below) this is NOT a “Moviesheet”  …  it’s a screenshot from Kodi on the RPi2

Kodi automatically displays this after the movie is scraped (Aeon Nox Skin)  :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking for some time also
to buy a Raspi
with XBMC / Kodi
but next attempt is Kodi for Android


Question for Kodi for Playing mp3:
It is possible, to have FanArt in the “Main”-Screen or „main_music_nowplaying_“-Screen like in Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]?
Can I use my *.jpg / *.png in all Album-Folders (1280*720)
it was a lot of work to find a good image for each album, I want to continue to use.


i dunno … haven’t tried mp3’s with Kodi  (i only listen to music on my smartphone while walking/jogging)

but i’m guessing probably no … or maybe there is a skin that supports that ? … i honestly don’t know

you may have to start asking questions over on the Kodi forums for a more helpful answer

_ edit: i think it’s possible … found this link_


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tnx  :slight_smile:


i find it out:
Skin “Transparency!” for Kodi Isengard 15.x
A Fanart Skin, The main goal of Transparency! is showing your fanart, fullscreen, in all of the views, all of the time.
Best 4me

so i said good bye to the WD-HUB

@Joey: Maybe you are in a Kodi-Forum activ?


yeah, i’m on that forum (joined a couple of years ago) … but under a different Forum name and havent been very activ