Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]


Edit Template.xml

<TextElement Name=“EE833FE353FD434690C4C7DEBEC1A5CA” X=“635” Y=“153” Width=“230” Height=“200” AutoSize=“False” Multiline=“True” Font=“Aeon Main CE,13,True,False,False,False,Point,0” ForeColor="-1" StrokeColor="-1" StrokeWidth=“0” Text="%EPISODETITLE%" TextAlignment=“TopCenter” TextQuality=“AntiAlias” />

Change Multiline=“True”  to False


everytime I use your template I get three files

6x01 Bodies in Motion.jpg

6x01 Bodies in Motion.png

and 6x01 Bodies in Motion.avi.tgmd

could you tell me what Im doing wrong and why Im not getting an xml file


In Thumbgen Options > General > Generate

Only “Tick” the Following… (do Not tick Extra moviesheet)

√  Movie information     (with this ticked, it will generate the Movie Info Xml. see below for settings)
  Main moviesheet
√  Main/Extra moviesheet metadata

Then in Options > General > Input/Output Naming

Movieinfo export =  $M$N  >  .xml  > Export using WDTV Live Hub format

Main moviesheet =  $M$N  >  .png 


Hey joey o/

Any news on the certifications addon ?


To just say the truth, I have secretly been waiting for this. A template would suffice. :slight_smile:


i have also been waiting for certifications, and also some movie info. mainly audio and resolution. i dont like it when there is too much. and have heard that joey prefers it clean to. so decided to edit one of his sheets to suit my taste… 



Hi there,

I really like the style of this theme, but I have a problem that I don´t understand.

First of all, I am running the latest firmware (some people wrote that it is working)

I was able to install the theme and it is running now.

I made moviesheets according to the tutorial. But it seems that the hub is using wrong (old) data that I deleted manually

before I installed Aenish Theme and the movie sheets.

What I have done is, I deleted every .backdrop folder. Every .xml and .jpg files that I found on the hub.

So there were only .avi and .mkv files in the movie folder (I named it “Filme” instead of “movies” might that be a problem? Can´t test it right now)

I have then created the movie sheets.

But it seems that the hub is still using the old covers and backdrops that I have deleted. I don`t know why.

I restarted the hub, recompiled the library, turned it off, turned it on but still with the same result: Old covers and Backdrops.

Hope you were able to follow and know what I mean.




Did you clear the media library?


yes, cleared the media library.

There are more files in the root of the hub beginning with a dot.

But I am not sure if its safe to delete them, so I left them.


No, not deleting, clear the media library.

On the HUB, go to Setup>System>Media Library>Clear Media Library




From Page(1)  of this Thread


Lastest Firmware does not support PNG (Which the Design of this Theme Uses)

_ I Have tried the Latest Firmware and Converted the Moviesheets to JPG … _

859x360 Resolution is not Supported Either (It’s Pixelated) 

You are Welcome to try this on the latest Firmware … But i cannot offer an assistance or help if it does

not display properly. (Which it will not, using any Firmware Revision Above 2.07.17)

Good Luck



"Avatar"  in Standard Definition and 2 Channel Stereo ?    You’re Kidding Right ? :wink:


@Tinwarble  I did clear the media library in the setup menu


I know that you are not supporting the new firmware. But some people in this thread are telling that it works for them with the new firmware. I was just wondering if I missed somehting that I should have deleted.

It is just strange that it shows pictures and covers that I have deleted.

For example: I changed all Covers in the movie sheets to clean simple covers with only the movie title displaying.

But instead of the new clean ones it shows the old ones with title, actors and so on… but it shows them nice and clear, with correct cropping and so on…

If no one knows how to explain this, maybe I just roll back to 2.07



yeah, it looks great on my 50 inch, and sounds great on my 7.1 setup :smileyvery-happy:

used a video clip i had to produce the sheet.



Try this then.

Put the HUB in standby, then access the HUB from your PC and go to “.wd_tv” folder and delete the “thumb” folder.  Unplug the HUB, the plug it back in.


I will try that as soon as I am home… thanks for the hint


Perhaps I’ve missed this somewhere, but this is a beautiful theme and looks so very impressive.  The only disappointment I have is the IMDB rating info seems to be missing - did I happen to miss that somewhere?


   In WD’s efforts to speed up menus and browsing, they added a  directory called .miocrawler_cache.

This directory contains 3 images for every cover art item. These 3 images are pre-sized for thumbnail select, large icon select and small icon select. I’m sure this reduces the time necessary to scan and resize images on the fly. You may have noticed that even deleting the thumbnails doesn’t always work. I think (IMHO) that the hub rebuilds the thumbnail collection from the .miocrawler_cache.

   Go to this directory, while the unit is sleeping, select all items in it, then delete. I haven’t tried deleting the folder itself as it might have unexpected consequences ! When the unit powers up, it will begin re-populating the cache. In Windoze, I noted the number of files in the directory before deleting them. Then after the WD powers up I watched until the cache was restored. Don’t know how functional the Hub was during the rebuilding.



I was not able to solve the “problem” even after deleting the thumb folder.

So I rolled back to 2.07 and everything is fine now, except for the music.

I can’t find out how to make the sheets work. For some reason, after rolling back,

everytime I try to download music info with the hub it tells me that it can’t find any information.

But i need the .xml that the hub is downloading for the music sheet, right?

And it seems the settings where you can chose the databases are gone.

I will try and read the hole thread, or maybe you have a link to a tutorial or “how to” for the music sheet.





Hub Scraper doesent work anymore in Firmware 2.07.17  after installing Latest Firmware and then Rolling Back.

Music XMLs ?  Most external scrapers do not support ‘Music’  Search the Internet or Do them Manually like i did.

For Thumbnail folder images and such, there are numerous posts on Other Threads about such matters.

Also From the FAQ in the Downloads Provided on PAGE(1)

Q: Creating Music Sheets is so time consuming is there a quicker way ?
A: Unfortunatly No.  Music Sheets were never intended for use with a large music collection. It was more of ‘Showcase’ feature for a small collection of favourite Music Albums.
I will release an alternate version of AEonish Hub for use with Hub Scraped Music and Embedded ID3 CoverArt. This version will be available soon. *

Q: My Music sheets are displaying as in your demo?
A: Press the Green Button on your Live Hub remote and select Filter > All Albums