Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]


You are right, that did it. It’s these little things that make the difference :wink:



I have another request Joey.

Can you please give me an edited version of your TV Series template that has the season cover on each thumb?

I don’t like the info txt on it because i only use gallery view and it already has the ep info at the top with the ep preview image.

I don’t like the info twice and i also think it looks nicer having the season cover art on each ep.

Would do it myself, but i don’t know how. I was hoping it would only take you a few minutes to edit it and share it?

Here is a preview of what i am after.


Hope you can help bro, i love this theme and this is the only thing i need changed for my own needs :wink:



@ littleg68

(Unable to view your picture as it has to await approval.  Guessing this what you’re asking.)

Make a copy of the Æonish Hub Movie Template

name it for example … Æonish Hub littleg68 TV Template

Open the Template.xml located in the folder with Notepad,Notepad++ etc.

Change the Yellow Highlighted text to %FANART3%   close and save.

This will Generate the Episode Screenshot from the TVDB on the Left and the Cover on the Right.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ImageElement Name=“222E9F168344C9B554775F469F66A5” X=“0” Y=“0” Width=“640” Height=“360” Source=“File” Offset=“0” MultiPageIndex="-1" SourceData="%BACKGROUND%" NullImageUrl="">

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Hey, thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like it may be what i want, but it wont let me drag over the backbrop i want. Only the cover. It seams to be locked.


BACKGROUND is drag and drop only.

FANART1… you click the F1 button in Thumbgen (Bottom Left) to apply it.

FANART2… you click the F2 button in Thumbgen (Bottom Left) to apply it.

FANART3… you click the F3 button in Thumbgen (Bottom Left) to apply it.

Also using %BACKGROUND%  for Tv results in Random Pictures of Fanart for Series

%FANART3% for Tv results in the Episode Screenshot from the TVDB


Thanks again, Like i said, it won’t let me “drag and drop” the background i want. It lets me go through the motion, but nothing happens.

First time this has happened. Any ideas why?


Seams using the F3 works, but the drang and drop still no go.

Good enough, i will test this tonight, cheers!


When using a Template with the %FANART3% alteration in the 1st Post. for Episode Pictures.

This Disables Drag And Drop… You MUST Click the F3 Button Icon Below the Fanart on the the Left to Apply it.

If you wanted to just use BACKGROUND …

Just use the  Movie Template for your TV Shows.

Then you can use your Drag and Drop.


Hi Joey,

2 questions:

1: eta on IMDB Ratings, Media Flags and Certifications…

2: Is there a way for me to add the icon for the movies/series I have watched? I have a lot of series and somethimes its nice to get the overview of what I’ve watched…

thanks, great work Joey :smiley:


1: Still testing  …  was working for most movies but not for some. Gotta find out why…

2: Watched / Partial Watched Overlay Status Icon only works in Video Browse and Large Video Browse Views.

Busy with other projects, will look into it when i get the chance.


Hi Joey,


I’d like to be able to use a wall mode like you referenced as a suggestion to WD.  I am currently “downgraded” to 2.07.17 and using the thumbgen program but not getting the results I would like.  Can you tell me what themes and programs you used to create wall mode views and where I can download them?





I tried digging thru the older posts to get a sense of why this theme is not supported with the latest hub firmware

Can someone enumerate (at a high level) what won’t work if we try to use this theme with the latest firmware

Have used aeon skin with xbmc (on my mac) for a while and would love to use this as well with my hub.

I am ok if some of the views don’t work. As long as there are no stability issues (like crashes, hangs, UI slowdown, etc) when trying to use this theme with new firmware



The hub doesn’t support true png file at this time, there are lots of request, by the user and themers, for this feature to be implemented in future firmware but it seams WD doesn’t care. If you try to use true png file they will display without transparency and highly distorted bad quality, the only way to have .png file display correctly was to rename them to .jpg so you have a png file with jpg extension with this trick the hub will display them correctly but it won’t work in firmware 2.08.13 and later. As this is a moviesheet theme and it use .png file for moviesheet backdrop, 'cause .png file are capable of transparency effects and .jpg file not, if you want to use this theme then you have to wait WD to fix the trick or support true .png file otherwise you have to be content with fw 2.07.17… :cry:


Thanks works great with the latest firmware. Not sure if I want to thumgen my directories for every time I use a theme, so can’t confirm how movie sheets etc work. Anyone know if thumgen directed files say for mojo will work with this theme as well, or if thumgen can create one themes files along side another themes? I suspect this is not so with xml files. The thumnails and info sheets created with the hubs scraping are good enough for me so reluctent to change that. Thanks in advance.


Seems it is small enough for my streaming hub in the bedroom I will try it on that as well.


Hey was just wondering of would I modify this theme so that it has the star rating under genre. Also is there a way to just put a plain backdrop of my own and to get rid of the box and picture but keep the information inside


@ teeshapie

Hey was just wondering of would I modify this theme so that it has the star rating under genre. Also is there a way to just put a plain backdrop of my own and to get rid of the box and picture but keep the information inside

if your question is … “Can i modify this Theme to suit my personal preference” ?

Then the Answer is “Yes”

just modify the XML code and/or graphics.


Where would I find the star rating in the xml. And how would I make it show up on the gallery view. Thanks


@ teeshapie

from the default Mochi Theme…

insert it into   rv_gallery_browse_page.xml

size,  positioning and placement is in your hands.


Thanks that worked well except i click rate for a movie and it fills them all with three stars how can i manually change the rating


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