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Hi there…

How can i manually make moviesheets - i have few problems with danish tv series - “Forbrydelsen II” thumbgen wont generate em.

But when i try manually to make tv sheet - i can get it to writ in the Season / episode sheet  :-/


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I just want to say thanks Joey for your amazing work, LOVE IT!

Just finished redoing all my movies with your templates and all is well, looks awesome.

I do have a request, can you please give me the png for the “games” backdrop? It was not included in your Æonish Hub Graphics for Custom pack.

I have also made a few replacements for the Video & Online backdrops.

I would like to share them, so here they are.


I added a little extra on this one,


And last… the online


Sorry if this is stepping out of line, but i wanted to give somehting back to the community.

I am no longer just a lurker here;)

You can grab the 3 backdrops here,

WDLive Hub Aeonish Backdrops

Backup Host

WDLive Hub Aeonish Backdrops (Backup)


Hey guys,

I really need some help here on getting this theme to work with my TV series. I have played with ThumbGen till the crows came home and still no luck. 

My movies are all done now using Joey’s “Moviesheet Video Guide” i downloaded and they look great. It must be different settings for the template doing TV Shows?

I used the Æonish Hub TV Show Template, but no luck at all.

If someone can guide me each step to get this work i would be very grateful.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@ littleg68

What’s the problem ?  More Info Please.

(TV and Movie’s Display the same way… the Templates are slighty different, but that’s the only difference)


If you are having trouble “Scraping Info for TV Shows using Thumbgen”  then im having the same problem as well.

Even downloaded the Lastest Version of Thumbgen that came out a couple of days ago… no luck.

Has anyone else had this Thumbgen Problem ?

P.P.S The “Games” Backdrop Overlay is in this download link on Page(1)

FIRMWARE REVISION 2.07.17 - Home Png Graphics for Custom Home Screen


Extracted Files are:







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Thanks Joey, thats correct.

I have no info… only the images. Maybe a server issue then? At least now i know its not just me.

I do have a question, how can i get folder art with this template?

My folder structure is,

The Walking Dead Season 01

So i would need folder art for the main series folder, pluss each season folder inside.



I don’t have any problem with the new thumgen i use this way to get my infos if helping any -

F:\Fringe\Fringe\Season 4\4x01.mkv

The only problem that i have (if really a problem) is gettin the genre info, it never appear… but that’s just a detail


In the ‘Templates’ package there is a “Template for Folders”

named     “Æonish Hub Folder Template”  (this gives you main folder image… NO backdrop. I tried, but the quality of a Folder Moviesheet… is Extremely Poor.)   

Everything in the Demo Folders was Done with the Template i provided.

The File/Folder Naming Structure is important too,  which is why i provided the Demo Folders for people to study.

I dont think the TVDB has a Server issue, i think it’s Thumbgen … tried Various other (non moviesheet)

TV Scrapers… works fine 100% no problems.

Past 3 Days with Thumbgen… nothing

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Excellent, thanks again for all your help.

I will give that a go. I missed that template when i last looked i guess.

Btw, Looking foward to your “Mochi Alaska Icon Menu…Revisited” completed.



F:\Fringe\Fringe\Season 4\4x01.mkv          (that’s 4 levels)

i have

F:\Dexter\Season 6\Dexter.s06.e01.mkv    (mine is 3)

and it doesent work.

Thumbgen for years has had no problem scraping with my file naming convention.


No problems with TV shows here.

Try a different naming convention, something more like this:

Dexter\Season 6\Dexter - S06E01.mkv

This is how I have mine and it works just fine.


Must be “missing” something here…

* Using Thumgen

* Using WDTV Live TV Shows Sheet  [Profile]

* Selected “TheTVDB.com” as the Provider

* Using “Manual Mode”

Using Numerous different ‘Naming’ Conventions…

Always Pops up… “Choose a Movie” ?

Never had this problem with previous Thumbgen’s … maybe someone can enlighten me.

P.S. Yes, ive tried Turning on/off Imdb Settings…and Use My Prefered Collector etc. no luck.


Gave it a spin and no problems.


Z:\Blue Bloods\Season 2\Blue Bloods S02E11.mkv

Searched for: Blue Bloods

No Pop up


* Thumgen

* WDTV Live Hub TV Shows Sheet

* Selected TheTVDB.com

* Manual Mode


Got it working now, try this.

The Walking Dead  /  Season 01  /  01x01 Days Gone Bye


Yeah, i got it working now as well…

It was looking at the root of my hdd instead of the Tv Show Folder for some reason.

F:\Dexter\Season 6\Dexter.s06.e01.mkv   worked fine in the end.


I have remark that your backdrop have always same height that your cover (image backdrop/cover side2side) what happend if backdrop height is higher that cover? and if it’s a matter of skin coordinate what gonna  be the result on image quality)


Hey Joey  :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me what file i need to edit so i can change the progress bar to solid red when moving/copying files?

The light faded in blue is hard for my eyes to see.

Another question about the ML, why wont this theme work with it off? Can i fix this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@ lttleg68

The Png Graphic for the file management progress bar is in the ‘image’ folder of the Theme.

I cant remember which one it was… probably the 1st one.


As to why this Theme doesent work with Media Library Turned ‘OFF’ …

If you Apply the Western Digital “Default(Mochi)” Theme  … and you will see that the same thing happens

…no Moviesheets when the Media Library is Turned OFF.

Turning “OFF” Media Library is basically just “File” Mode (similar to XBMC) it will display Filenames and a True Jpg Thumbnail for the Video file and nothing else. (except Gallery View which will display Movie Info)

Turning “ON” Media Library is “Library” Mode (similar to XBMC) it will Read the Movie XML and display Moviesheets, Movie Info for Overview,Duration,Mpaa.Duration,Actors,Directors etc and Thumbnails.

Also enables the use of the Remote Control Option button to View Info,Watch Youtube Trailers.

And Also, Png’s renamed to Jpg’s wont display with the Media Library Turned OFF.

Sorry, nothing i can do … as it’s an Internal Firmware function of the Live Hub.

Miscellaneous Side Note:

Even back in the WDTV Gen1,2,Live Days… Media Library was Required to be ON for Custom Firmware Moviesheets.

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Yeah, i seen them and did an edit before. It did not change anything. I will give it a go again. Thanks!

And about the ML, i had a feeling it was a firmware thing. But had to ask because i am more often wrong then right with the WDLive Hub

Cheers bro :slight_smile:


@ littleg68

No Probs.:smiley:

Just a *TIP* when replacing and/or altering “Graphics” png… jpg…

80-90% of the time when you alter or replace a “Graphic” in a Theme, the Hub wont display  the New Graphic.

You need to ‘Exit’ the Current Theme.

eg. Apply a different Theme eg. Default(Mochi)

And then “Re-Apply”  the Theme you Altered the Graphics in eg. Aeonish Hub.

Then the Hub will display  the New Theme Graphics you Altered.

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