Accidentally restored/deleted my WD external drive. How to recover it?

Hello all,
I was trying to create a restore of my MacBook Pro on my WD external drive. I found some steps online and decided to follow up these steps. I went to “recovery mode >> Disk Utility >> Restore” which turned out to be a restore of my WD external drive. Now, I seem to have lost all my files that used to my WD external drive. Is there any way to recover my files?
Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

Accidental deletion is one of the most common human errors that leads to data loss situations. Here are the 4 best methods that you can try to recover accidentally deleted data from any external drive on a Mac system:

  1. Restore deleted data from an external hard drive by using Trash
  2. Restore deleted external drive data by using Backup
  3. Recover deleted data from external hard drive using data recovery software
  4. Go for Mac hard drive recovery services

Further, I suggest you to check the below link for the steps to be followed in above-mentioned methods:

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the reply Jose2020. I ended up using a data recovery software.