Data completely cleared on my hard drive how do I recover it?!? PLEASE HELP

Hey Everyone,

Ok so ALL my data got deleted on my My Book Essential hard drive. Now my Macbook wont recognize it and I want to recover al the data. I have my entire collection of movies and shows that were wiped out so I want to be very careful with what I do so its not lost forever.

Basically this is what happened:

My external hard drive is formatted for my Macbook and was working fine. I wanted to get some episodes of a show from my cousins laptop (PC) so I connected the hard drive to that. It didnt recognize it so he ejected it. When I plugged it back in to my Macbook everything was gone and my mac wont recognize it. Its like its a brand new hard drive that needs to be formatted.

I read online that when you connect the HDD with a computer that has an anti-virus scanner it can sometimes delete files, so maybe that’s what happened but I dont really know.

I downloaded Remo Recover to recover the data that was lost, but since the HDD needs to be reformatted before my mac recognizes it, I cant pick the external hard drive that I want to recover from. My fear is that if I format it then I will lose all the data for good.

Is there anything I can do to get all my movies and stuff back? I’m only ok with computer stuff and most of what I know is from looking it up online or trial and error so I dont want to take any chances with this and lose everything on it.

I could really use some advice on this one.

Thanks guys!

There are other Data Recovery utilities that can be used.

Make sure to research online for Data Recovery software’s that work in the drives current condition.

Use Google search.