Help! I need to recover lost files!


I have a WD portable hard drive and have accidentally deleted files on it. Is there a program to recover the files?
I have a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.11.6

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:


There are many free data recovery programs online, but none that can be recommended or suggested by WD. I’d recommend a web search, or contacting a professional data recovery service company for guidance.

Contacting a professional , it’s expensive … especially when it’s the WD fault…
i formate the WD MY Cloud 3TO, and wd formate all my documents too… i didn’t’ ask him before …
so what can i do to find all my documents …??
Thanks for your help.

Formatting will always, always, result in data loss. The system will warm about this, and it’s also noted on page 64 (68) of the User’s Manual:

My Cloud User Manual - Page 64

It lists the differences between system only and a full restore.

Recovering deleted files from a NAS is harder than recovering files from USB drive since most data recovery applications require a direct connection. I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company for analysis.

Was this drive the Time Machine external drive for your Mac?
After deletion, did you write additional data to it? Will recommend you to stop the usage of your media immediately. You can try Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery demo to run a free scan on your WD. Till the recovery is done, don’t partition or erase your HDD. In short, stay away from disk management.