Accessing My Cloud on a different wifi

This is what I see when I try to access my cloud at a friends house over a different wifi then my home. How do I fix this?

Did you set everything up in the Dashboard for Remote Access? Are you trying to access it by What type of device are you using when you are away from your home?

What you are trying as shown in your image is not going to work.

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual (, specifically the section on Remote Access? Or read the my Cloud Dashboard Help? Or reviewed the following two WD websites which also explain how to setup and use Remote Access?

Officially you cannot remote map or remotely access a My Cloud drive in the manor your attempting. WD removed the capability to remotely map a My Cloud drive last year. Unofficially if one is using the older first generation v4.x My Cloud it is possible to remotely map the My Cloud but it is NOT supported by WD and requires using SSH to install the unofficial non supported module a user created.

I am using an HP Pavilion (same computer i use on my home wifi). When i try to log in to it is not working remotely

You have a mapped network drive (Z:). You cannot map drives remotely, and especially not using a local path (\\wdmycloud\public), since, operating remotely, that will not be valid.

What are the steps you suggest I take?

Read Bennor’s post…