Accessing a private share from Windows 8

I have a private share on my MyBookLive, running the latest firmware (MyBookLive 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W). Prior to upgrading to Windows 8, I had no trouble accessing the share (via Windows 7).

Now, when I try to connect with Windows 8, a domain is being appended in front of my username, and even if I choose to “User another account,” the domain appears beneath the login and is not editable. 

When I try to login, I get an “Access is denied” message.

I suspect the issue is related to the domain.

When I check my System Properties in Windows (Computer Name / Domain Changes), my machine is set to be a member of a workgroup (NOT a domain). The workgroup name matches what I have set in my MyBookLive (Settings -> Network -> Workgroup). in Windows, the radio button for Domain is NOT selected.

On the Windows Security login, the domain name displayed matches that of my computer name.

I’m also running Windows 8 under Parallels 8 on my Mac, but not sure that should make a difference on the Windows 8 side. I can still access the private share just fine from the Mac side.



Have you tried changing both names? on the drive and on the computer?

Try with workgroup-b in both devices…

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Thanks. Good suggestion. I changed the workgroup name to something different in Windows 8 and in MyBookLive admin, restarted my Windows 8 VM, and all set! I didn’t even have to login to connect to the private share on MyBookLive, which was a pleasant surprise (and improvement from Windows 7), where I had to login every time I connected.