Access Drive from outside the network?

Hi how would i access my music on the wd my cloud from outside the network ? what i am after is this at home i have mapped the drive i have mediamonkey player to add music to the libary i go to add remove media and it finds the wd my cloud on my network so it scans then adds all my music with no problem

now say i want to play the music on mediamonkey while i am connected to the pubs wifi (IAM A DJ) is it possible to scan my wd while on a different network saves me bringing my hdd and what not to work all the time ? i no its possible to login with email and password with the ios app but is it possible to do something the same on a laptop thanks in advance

yes it is possible

there are a few methods to do this

one way is to use the website and click add to explorer (this method any loast for a day)

another method is to know what yor external ip is (easy if static ip) use say whats my ip website to find it

the map network will at home using the ip address ie 123.432.4.65

map this to a drive letter from my computer  \123.432.4.65\Music (it will now ask for user name and password) click remember credetials

(Safest method is to set a user with only read access just incase your laptop kets stolen the knowone can delete your music )

you should now be able to access you folder now try this using an external internet connection

I have done this for videos so i know it work

mediamonkey think you can useyou a samba connection to access files

cheers warlock this worked i went to then opened in explorer and it gave me an address and i was able to put this into mediamonkey to scan for media thanks a lot mate