6tb black clicking every second

I’ve heard of PWL (Preventive Wear Leveling).

I’m reading some people are getting this every 5 seconds. But I hear a very consistent series of 2 clicks every 1 second. The first click goes and then 0.2 seconds later a bigger chunkier click (it’s chunkier because the whole drive vibrates if you hold the case that it is attached to. Then a second later, the first click goes and repeats.

Is this a faulty drive?


You can check out the given below link:

Homesauce, I have two NEW WD Black 4TB drives. They click every 2 seconds or so. This is NOT Windows. I rebooted and stopped in the BIOS for at least 3 minutes. The clicking was the same and Windows was not even booted. The drives are in a Windows RAID 1 setup, but, as I said, they do it even if Windows is not running. I downloaded and ran Data Life Guard, and it says both drives are fine. It’s annoying when it’s quiet, but I guess it’s normal. The way my drives are mounted is metal to metal. I’m considering trying to cook up some sort of isolation like grommets or some such.

The drives were thrasing around when new in the first few days. But they are quiet now. Not sure why.

homesauce, I’m SUSPECT (not sure) that maybe my ASUS BIOS is doing something. Going to try a few things there. Mine have been in for quite a while and still doing it. Are you turning your system off and on, or does it stay on?

This is caused by “PWL”. You can google this to see what it is. It’s in the hardware/microcode. You cannot change it. My drives have to be mounted vertically, that is, the power and sata at top or bottom. I had them at the bottom. Just as a test, I rotated the drives 180 so the power and SATA is not at the top. Still making the noise, but it seems less with them mounted this way. Time will tell.

If I put my ear up to my case, I can hear the clicks every second. But they are not audible from 3 feet away from my case.

When I first got my drives, you could hear them from across the room.