WD black 1TB clicking

My Western digital black drive keeps making audible clicking sounds. I installed it in my full tower case over 5 months ago and it has been making it the whole time. I’ve checked, and the hard drive is level. why would it be making these clicks? are they normal?

Is the drive working fine? Did you check its SMART status?

It could also be related to the power supply or power connector (the drive could be intermitently power down and up). If you see unsafe shutdowns or crc errors in SMART, try switching the power cable connector or power supply.

I noticed that once myself i have no idea why… i just rebooted and it went away so i dunno.

If your an advanced computer user and you have extra parts and want to test something

you could look online for pictures showing how to short a power supply by putting a paper clip

in the Green wire hole and teh black ground next to it and then plug nothing but your drive in.

You can then listen to the drive and nothing else…

Thisis dangerous though and i would only advise doing this if your experienced with dealing with electricty and the dangers of frying your stuff or electrocuting yourself lol

What that does is trick the PSU into think teh power switch is on and it works good if you have a switch

on teh powers supply to cut the power. that way you can unplug it put it on the floor with nothing attached to it and then plug a paper clip intop the 2 holes (making sure the power switch is off) then plug in only the sata or molex power connector to your hard drive and then plug in you power cord and hit the power switch on the psu and the drive should power up… ther for giving you the ability to listen the drive running idle with no other stuff running at the same time.

lastly there is pictures on the net showing exactly what two holes you have to use if you search around on google etc