Healthy drive makes click noise every 5 seconds

I have just purchased a new Western Digital Black WDC WD4005FZBX 4TB drive, and it makes a very annoying CLICK sound every 5 seconds, even when I don’t use the drive directly. It seems to be a known problem (more topics on this issue). What is the solution?
I have performed the usual recommended tests, and there’s no errors on the drive (afaik). I have installed Crystal disk info and tried to manage the Auto AAM/APM Adaption, as some people suggest that, but it makes no difference. Any new thoughts on this? Western Digital just says it’s “normal” for the drive to click every once in a while, but it’s really annoying when my system is otherwise pretty silent. Thank you.

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Hi idjacobs02,

You can have a look on this KBA:

@ [Brandon.P]

The link you provided has no solution other than mentioning the driving is working normally, I owned a lot of WD HDDs and none of them make such noises, I made another post asking for a firmware update or a tool to disable this feature “WLT”, can you please let us know if this feature can be disabled theoretically? of this is part of the design and it can’t be turned off?