4TB Passport Ultra / Type C - Half Full with Slow Transfer Speeds

Hello all,

Purchased a WD My Passport Ultra in December 2018 for the purpose of storing recorded video game footage. Have been using the hard drive for a month with no problems and recently just filled the external drive a little over half way.

Soon after filling the hard drive over 50% I started getting an error saying that the transfer speeds to my external hard drive were to slow for recording and were causing frame rate problems. So I switched and starting recording directly to the internal hard drive and no longer had the problem. Afterwards I can transfer the video files to the external hard drive still, but the transfer speeds start around 100 mb/s for about 10 seconds, but then drop to under 25 mb/s and will fluctuate from 25 to 10 mb/s.

I ran the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Tool and ran the quick and extended scan, and both passed.

I contacted Technical Support and when told the sizes of the files were in the range of 10gb - 50gb, was told it was common for slow transfers speeds at that size of files. even though when I originally got the drive the speeds were much quicker.

I have not tried replacing the Type-C Cable or reformatting the external hard drive.

Please let me know if anyone has any information that could assist
Thanks All!

Hi 423bluebird,

You can refer the link mentioned below and try to troubleshoot for the issue.