4TB Hard Drive has died (bricked) in my WD My Cloud - How do I replace the base/image software?

I have taken the old drive out of the case and have a new 4TB Hard Drive.
When I connected it to the mini circuit board and fired it up I get a short lasting blue light, the a fast flashing red light.
I cannot see the drive on my network (wired)
Do I need to put WD software on the hard Drive?
Where can I obtain this software? My old drive is dead (well, just ticking, so no access to it).
Can anyone assist?

Search this subforum for the term “bricked” using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). Plenty of past discussion of replacing the single bay/single drive My Cloud hard drive with a new hard drive. From cloning the old drive to using Linux to properly partition and format then push the correct files to the correct partitions.

On the single bay/ single drive My Cloud (not a My Cloud Home as that is a completely different device with a different operating system), the operating system is stored on the hard drive. Because of this one has to partition and format the drive in a specific way using specific values then push firmware to the various partitions. Because there are two single bay/single drive versions, first gen (p/n -00) v4.x firmware and second gen (p/n -10) v2.x firmware, the unbrick process id different for each model. You cannot try to push the newer v2.x firmware to an older first gen v4.x firmware unit. The hardware is different between them.

User Fox_Exe has a set of unbrick methods/directions that some of us have used to replace the hard drive on a single bay My Cloud. One may need to use Linux (either Linux in a VM or a Linux Boot Disc/Boot USB Flash Drive).

The main Fox_exe repositories for multiple My Cloud models can be found here:

First gen directions:
English: https://fox-exe.ru/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen1/Replace%20HDD%20-%20English.txt
Russian: https://fox-exe.ru/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen1/Replace%20HDD.txt
The img files needed for the first gen Fox directions can be found in the WDMyCloud-Gen1/Backups folder in the main Fox_exe respoitory link above.

Second gen directions:
English: https://fox-exe.ru/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2/_Unbricking_en.txt
Russian: https://fox-exe.ru/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2/_Unbricking_ru.txt
Various files used in the second gen Fox_exe unbrick directions can be found in the WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2 repository.

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