4 TB WD sharespace, two mirror only able to access 1 TB of space


I have a WD sharespace with four 1 TB disks installed and RAID 1 option.

See the situation here:

I can only access 1 TB with my mac or PC. The other TB is 100% free…

The question is: how can I access the second?Any configuration needed?

Apart from that, can I get a single 2 TB volume mirrored?



Have you created a share on “Extended Volume?”  There is no default share created when in this mode, so you have to do it manually.  Once created, it will appear as another item in Finder or Network Neighborhood.

Just in case you or someone else doesn’t know, here’s how to create the new share.

  • browse to the Basic Mode - Folder Shares page

  • enter the name and description for your share

  • choose “Extended Volume” from the volume drop down box

  • click submit

You should now see  the other 1TB of your two mirror setup.


Thanks a lot: solved it.

Is it impossible to create a 2 TB single volume mirrored without taking care to slit data on the two units?